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Money earning apps | Best 2023 money earning apps

The use of money-making applications to earn money in your free time while you're at home. With the help of these money-earning applications, you may get money by doing quick activities or taking surveys like reading articles, installing apps, referring to friends, etc. We'll look at some of the top money-making applications today in this blog article.

Money earning apps

Money earning apps

1. Swagbucks

With over 20 million users, Swagbucks is one of the most widely used apps for making money. By completing surveys, viewing movies, playing games, and purchasing online, you may get "Swagbucks," or points. After that, you may exchange your points for gift cards to well-known stores like Amazon and Walmart or for cash via PayPal. Swagbucks pays you real cash. Members receive SB for doing regular online activities. One dollar in cash or free gift cards is equal to 100 SB. If you are Indian you can also earn money with Swagbucks. It is free to open a PayPal account if you don't already have one. Within 48 hours of the money being transferred to your PayPal account, it will be instantly deposited to the Indian bank account. The money will be credited in Indian Rupees.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback software(app) that gives you incentives for making purchases at partner merchants. By scanning your receipts or connecting your loyalty cards, you may earn cashback. Once you've made at least $20, you can withdraw your funds using PayPal or Venmo. The range of partnering merchants is one of Ibotta's best features. Every purchase, including those for food, apparel, and vacation, qualifies for cashback incentives. Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Uber are a few well-known stores. The program also includes a large number of local companies and smaller stores.

3. Dosh

Dosh is an additional cashback software that provides you rewards on purchases made at selected merchants automatically. When you make purchases at merchants that are approved, you may link your debit or credit card to the app and receive rewards. Your profits can be withdrawn by PayPal or direct deposit. You may deposit cashback into your bank account or give it to a charity of your choosing once you've amassed a specific amount. Dosh is a free and straightforward method to make money on your regular purchases without any fees or restrictions.

4. Survey Junkie 

An app called Survey Junkie will pay you for participating in surveys. By taking surveys you may earn points that can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or gift cards to well-known merchants. The diversity of surveys offered by Survey Junkie is one of its best features. You may do surveys about anything, including consumer products, politics, and entertainment. Additionally, you'll be assisting businesses in improving their selections and creating new products and services that adhere to your preferences and wants. Users may do surveys on Survey Junkie for free in exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards. Survey Junkie will pay you if you have 500 redeemable points. you must have your identification verified, but you'll get paid for your earnings in the end.

5. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback app that gives you rewards for making purchases at partner merchants. By attaching your debit or credit card to the app and doing purchases through it, you may receive cashback. Your money can be withdrawn by PayPal. You may save money on your regular purchases with Rakuten. Rakuten registration is easy and cost-free. You may start buying and earning Cash Back as soon as you join up. Set up a secure account with a password and email.

6. Inbox Dollars

With the help of the rewards software(app) Inbox Dollars, you may get money by playing games, viewing movies, and completing surveys. When you have enough money earned, you may exchange it for cash or gift cards to well-known stores. Inbox Dollars is a fantastic method to make some additional money in your free time. InboxDollars is a legitimate survey and rewards site. With over 18,000 reviews, InboxDollars has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. With an overall 240,000+ reviews, the app has ratings of 3.9 and 4.5 in the Google Play store and Apple store.

7. Acorns

Acorns is an investing program(app) that invests the difference after rounding up your purchases to the next dollar. By using the app to shop at partner merchants, you may also earn cashback. Your assets are managed by a seasoned investment staff, and you are free to take your gains whenever you like. Your bank account, credit card, and debit card are linked to Acorns for it to function. Once connected, the app rounds up your transactions to the next dollar and invests the difference in a diverse portfolio. For instance, if you pay $2.75 for a cup of coffee, Acorns will round it up to $3.00 and invest the additional $0.25. To hasten the growth of your portfolio, you may also set up regular instalments or make one-time transactions.

8. Google Opinion Rewards 

One of the simplest and quickest methods to get quick money is through Google Opinion Rewards. Simply responding to surveys will earn you Google Play credits. For each survey you complete, you will get between $0.10 and $1.00. Depending on how many questions are asked in the survey and how long it takes to complete. Depending on your demographics and the number of surveys that are available, you can receive a few surveys every week or several per day.


Apps that generate money might be a good way to earn additional money in your free time. You may earn cashback or points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash by completing surveys, making online purchases, or playing games. To start making money right now, have a look at any of the applications listed above.

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