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How to get free amazon gift card | Free amazon gift card

 Freebies are everyone's favorite thing, especially when they are offered in the form of Amazon gift cards. Regardless matter whether you're a voracious online shopper, a reader, or a computer fanatic, Amazon has a wide selection of goods to suit your preferences. This article will discuss some ethical ways to get free Amazon gift cards so you may indulge in your favorite items without having to pay for a thing. So let's get started and learn how to get free Amazon gift cards!

Free amazon gift card

Best Ways to Get a free amazon gift card

1. Online  surveys:

By taking online surveys, you may get free Amazon gift cards, which is a common practice. Many websites and market research firms provide surveys with prizes, such as Amazon gift cards. Just register on these sites, post your thoughts on various subjects, and gather points that can be exchanged for gift cards. Websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Outpost are trustworthy sources for online surveys. Keep in mind to avoid fraud and always use reliable survey platforms.

2. Survey Junkie

Earn Amazon Gift Cards💰 by Taking Surveys with 

There are a tonne of websites where you can do surveys and get paid with free Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. But beware—not all survey websites are trustworthy. Survey Junkie is one of my favorite survey applications. While you wait for the bus, over lunch, or even while lounging on the sofa, you may earn some additional money legally by doing this. I enjoy this platform since it's simple to use and allows mobile survey-taking. Additionally, they give so many surveys that there is never a lack of ways to get money (some other websites only offer a handful each month). You won't get wealthy, but you can earn a few dollars for every survey. You may exchange your points for Amazon gift cards after completing each one, which should only take you 5 to 10 minutes.

3. MyPoints

With MyPoints after making your first $20💰 purchase, receive a free $10💰 Amazon gift card.

Shop online and earn money! MyPoints offers you reward credits merely for carrying out your ordinary shopping through partnerships with more than 1,900 of the biggest merchants, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. When you sign up and make your first purchase of $20 or more, you'll receive a free $10 Amazon gift card! It's a reliable website and a fantastic method to earn reward points for a gift card. The fact that many offers will direct you away from the portal and into third-party websites is one drawback I've observed with taking paid surveys. Compared to some of the other pad survey and reward sites, this one may be less straightforward.

4. PrizeRebel

Earn Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, and Visa gift cards with PrizeRebel💰.

Another website for surveys is PrizeRebel. Because you may receive payments in the form of around 500 different gift cards, Prize Rebel was fun to use. A universal Visa gift card is one of the options. For payment, you must have a minimum of 500 points ($5). With one exception, Prize Rebel is so easy to understand and would likely be higher on the list. The site's ease of use has a drawback: you never know how long a survey will take until you start it.

More sophisticated websites inform you in advance of the number of points and time you may anticipate receiving. The more details you have in advance, the better you can judge if the activity will be worthwhile or not. Unfortunately, PrizeRebel does not provide smartphone apps for earning gift cards, so if you wanted to make additional money for your bank account, you would have to use your laptop or phone's online browser. Despite all of these issues, PrizeRebel is still recommended due to its incredibly user-friendly UI. Try it out for yourself if you have some free time and want to try making some Amazon money.

5. InboxDollar

InboxDollars 💰 Receive a Free $5 Amazon Gift Card upon registration

You may get money with InboxDollars by performing simple tasks like viewing movies, conducting online surveys, or simple web surfing and searches. Just for signing up, you'll receive a $5 welcome bonus. It should be so obvious. Utilizing the search engine on Inbox Dollars is one of my favorite features. I browse and do searches on the internet frequently for work-related purposes. You may replace your existing search engine—whether it's Google or another one—with the InboxDollars Search gateway and be paid!

You will gain reward credits and enter gift card prize draws for every few searches you do. Even though most of them only amount to 5–10 cent incentives, utilizing the site consistently over the course of a month adds up to some respectable free money! Rewards may be redeemed for Amazon cash or an e-gift card to one of many popular stores. One of the most trustworthy sources to get free money online is InboxDollars, which has given out over $57 million so far! Anyone over the age of 18 may sign up and use it for free.

6. Rakuten

Obtain a $30💰 welcome bonus that may be exchanged for a free Amazon gift card!

Another cashback/coupon shopping website is Rakuten (formerly eBates). Rakuten exclusively operates through internet retailers, unlike Ibotta. But here's a Pro-Tip: if you like to visit stores like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, or Walmart the solution is to purchase online and pick up your products in the neighborhood store. To make sure I'm maximizing incentives for every sort of transaction I make, I frequently utilize this approach. The feature of Rakuten's browser extension that notifies you whether the retailer you're shopping at offers a cashback offer is what I appreciate the most. Additionally, it will automatically search for coupon codes and add the best one to your shopping basket to save you the most money.

Recently, Rakuten and Amazon ended their commercial partnership. You can still have a cheque addressed to your address that you may deposit into your bank account even if you can no longer exchange your Rukaten earnings expressly for Amazon gift cards. Join today to receive a $30 sign-up bonus. Additionally, you may easily earn $30 in rewards for any friends you mention. and if you enjoy Rakuten, try Honey as well. Honey does a web search and compares the results to your shopping basket, which might help you find more places to make savings. Amazon online shopping is compatible with the Honey browser plugin.

How Can I Use the Free Amazon Gift Card I Received?

When you have a gift card, go to My Account -> Account -> Gift Cards after signing into your Amazon account. You will then have the choice to Redeem a new gift card or Reload an existing gift card. To redeem a fresh gift card, click. The Amazon gift card code must be entered; it is typically 14 or 15 characters long and a combination of letters and numbers. The protective coating on the back of a plastic gift card may need to be carefully scratched or peeled off to reveal the promotional code. The Amazon gift card code will be in the email notice you got for eGift Cards. The funds from the gift card will be immediately applied to your next Amazon purchase once they have been added to your balance. Gift cards from are also accepted at Whole Foods Markets for purchasing groceries!


Getting free Amazon gift cards is an exciting concept in a world where online buying has become a significant aspect of our lives. You may acquire these gift cards for free by investigating several ethical methods. There are many opportunities to pursue, from doing surveys and using cashback websites to participating in referral programs and joining online competitions. Platforms for exchanging gift cards also provide a practical option to convert unused or unwanted gift cards into Amazon credits. But it's important to use caution while using these strategies, using reliable sites, and staying away from scams. While it could take some time and work to obtain free Amazon gift cards, the benefits are well worth the effort. You may indulge in your favorite items, go on shopping binges, or even save money for a larger buy. Why not begin now then? Use these tactics regularly, be persistent, and profit from getting free Amazon gift cards. You can improve your online buying experience and open up a world of opportunities at the biggest marketplace in the world with a little perseverance. Enjoy your shopping!

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