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Daily paytm cash earning app | Earn daily 2000 in 1 hour

Want to earn money on your extra hours? There are several Paytm cash-earning applications accessible in India, so look no further. These applications provide a variety of ways to generate money, such as viewing movies, answering trivia questions, or completing surveys. Human desires are limitless; we are always striving to live comfortably. Spending a lot of money is required for it. Even students will require money to support their independence and basic requirements. Everyone needs a side business or additional source of income to meet their demands. You may make Paytm money, which can function as a form of pocket money for you, with the use of the Paytm cash-earning app.

Daily paytm cash earning app

List of Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps of 2023:

1. Winzo Gold App

'Winzo App' is the top app on our list of Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps. Winzo App is a well-known social gaming app where you may engage in friendly competition with other users and get money. It is an e-Sports gaming platform in India. And also this app support 10 regional Indian languages. Earning Free PayTM Cash Through This App Is Very Simple. By playing easy games, and inviting friends, You receive bonuses when they add money to the app, and you may earn instant PayTM cash. You Can Redeem For the First Payout As Low As Rs. 5.

2. Dream 11 – Play the Game and Earn Paytm Money

It is a fantasy gaming platform for sports like cricket. And the  Cricket game became incredibly popular during the IPL season. You may sign up for free and get money and earn money By recommending friends and family members. You too may play and succeed. You just need to have a good knowledge of the game and be willing to take smart risks. You need to select users to build fantasy teams of cricketers competing in a specific event. The points that you receive are based on how your selected players perform in the real matches. the winning amount will be credited to your account when the game ends.

3. Koo App

Koo The personal news updates and opinion-sharing microblogging services like Twitter. which is based in India, has launched a rewards program for its user. Users of the Koo app must open the app each day and browse it for just 10 minutes each day in order to receive the daily is also known as “India Twitter”. You will receive ₹1 on Day 1, ₹2 on Day 2, ₹3 on Day 3,₹4 on Day 4, ₹5 on Day 5, ₹6 on Day 6, and ₹7 on Day 7. This money can be sent quickly to a Paytm wallet.

4. Rapid Box

One of the best online shopping applications is RapidBox, which provides you with high-quality clothing at wholesale costs. You will earn Points as a welcome bonus when you sign up using the Rapid Box Referral Code in your wallet. It gives Rs 20 to Rs 30 as a sign-up bonus. These points may be redeemed for free products or free Paytm cash. 

5. Rozdhan

Ever thought about burning calories and earning money at the same time? You may earn money with this app while walking and tracking your steps. It provides all of its customers with excellent amusement as well as good earning possibilities. It's an entertainment app with a variety of possibilities, including Rewards for introducing friends, taking part in competitions, reading news, responding to surveys, downloading other applications, etc. Additionally, it offers mobile game and earns Paytm cash. Solving puzzles, visiting well-known websites, reading daily horoscopes, and doing other fascinating chores are additional fun tasks that help you earn Paytm cash. The money is sent to the Paytm wallet via Rozdhan. One of the most well-known and reliable applications for generating money online is this one. Customers of this software have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

6. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a free mobile recharge and wallet cash app. It gives us free money when we complete tasks. You may use the app to pay your bills, use transportation services, reserve movie tickets, shop, and more—all for free! To earn cashback, you must browse and download Pocket Money App from the Play Store. Additionally, it pays users for doing particular app tasks. The app provides a referral program where you may earn Rs 160 for each sign-up and prizes for watching Pocket videos.

7. mRewards App

About This Free Paytm Cash App called mRewards - Playing games on your smartphone gives you the chance to earn real money in the form of gift cards and vouchers. To receive 499 coins, which are worth ₹4.99, when you sign up using the mRewards App Referral Code, simply earn 1 point. The app will often receive new game additions. You may exchange your points for products from Google Play, Amazon, Flipkart, and Free Paytm Cash.

8. Sikka App

The highest-earning app is Sikka App, which offers a one-stop shop for earning amazing cash incentives. Simple offers must be completed, and each day you must spin the Sikka app's wheel. Complete more demanding tasks to add additional Sikka coins to your Sikka Pro wallet. Now that Sikka Pro has the Unlimited Referrals function, you may recommend it to your friends and receive up to 50% of their profits for free!


A list of applications that enable you to earn Paytm cash has been created by us. You may earn rewards from a number of applications by viewing videos, doing surveys, or downloading and playing games. But keep in mind that a lot of these money-making applications are data-hungry and might access your private data. Therefore, before installing any of these apps, make sure you have read the privacy statement in its entirety and be very careful with the permissions you provide. Happy earning!

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